Construction companies are, by nature, dangerous places to work. Employees are constantly exposed to natural job hazards. It is the sincere desire of this Company to entirely eliminate accidents in the workplace, but this is only possible through the co-operative efforts of all employees.

To enable us to keep our quality and production to a maximum, we must ensure the health and safety of our workforce is maintained at all times.

To achieve this goal we shall continue to develop, implement and evaluate our health and safety policy and program, in order to maintain an effective program.

By ensuring that all employees receive ongoing training on health and safety matters, communication between management and staff is maintained, and by leading by actions rather than words, we shall ensure the safest possible work environment.

The responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace is everyone's responsibility, from the president to the new worker. Let's all attempt to work together to prevent incidents and accidents from creating unwanted losses and personal harm.

It is to be the policy of Touchstone Site Contractors Inc. that primary attention be given to safety considerations in all work performed. This involves provision of safe working conditions, development and use of safe working procedures and proper training programs.

This objective is paramount in the minds of management and goes hand in hand with a sincere recognition of our responsibility.

No job is to be regarded so urgent that time cannot be taken to do it in a safe manner. The welfare of the individual is our greatest concern.

It is recognized that a safe environment can be established and sustained only through a united effort by all employees and the assistance of each person is solicited.

Each level of management from Manager, Supervisor to Foreperson

  • is responsible to his/her superior for activities and results in Accident Prevention

  • has authority to correct, instruct and determine courses of action

  • has accountability which will be constantly measured to ensure compliance with this policy

The final responsibility for safety is mine, and by review of injury frequencies, accident investigation, safety meeting minutes and pertinent data submitted to the Safety Committee by the Safety Officers, the accountability necessary to ensure implementation of this policy will be obtained.